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A recent press release from the University of Houston sets the record straight: UH installed Double Physichromie, a large piece by Carlos Cruz-Diez outside the Welcome Center on the main campus in February, nearly four months before the MFAH’s Cruz-Diez crosswalks! The piece, a serpentine op-art wall set UH back about $200,000 including artist fees, fabrication and shipping, and according to Michael Guidry, curator of the UH collection, was the Paris-based Venezuelan artist’s first US commission. So there!

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  1. Bill Davenport

    Yes, one’s in the street, another on the grass, but apparently the important thing, if you’re commissioning a Cruz-Diez, is to get your name in the paper as doing so before some johnny-come-lately art institution steals your thunder. I intended the “so there” to mean “so there MFAH”, not “so there, Douglas Britt.” Apologies.

  2. douglasbritt

    The funny thing is, I never got the UH press release when it came out — I’m not sure where they sent it — which is too bad, because I would have gladly made a fuss in the paper when the piece was first installed. Maybe they figured I’d read about it in the alumni newsletter. I tried slipping in a reference to ‘Double Physichromie’ in the dead-tree version of the crosswalks story, but it ended up on the cutting-room floor.

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