Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

 A couple of Houston public-art deadlines loom:

The Houston Arts Alliance and the convention folks are looking for short videos to be displayed on flat-screens around the George R. Brown. The pay is $3,500 (!) and the deadline is May 29. All videos must possess high artist merit (duh) and complement the energy of the convention center site and Houston’s downtown – which means they’re looking for something simultaneously blocky, eclectic, boring and shiny, we guess.

Meanwhile, the HAA and the library folks want artists to submit qualifications for a commission at the Vinson Public Library. The site is a 36-foot-tall atrium with a ceiling capable of holding 1,300 pounds. (Don’t even think about pitching a Foucault’s Pendulum made from a ’93 Nissan engine block; we called it.) The total budget is $87,300 and the deadline (just for qualifications, not the actual plans) is June 22.

Good luck, y’all.

also by Roy Neinast

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  1. credit DUAL in that photo

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