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175 Art People, Places and Things to Follow on Twitter

If you don’t know what Twitter is, you’ve probably never been on the Internet, but you’re somehow reading this sentence, and, well, that’s what you’d call a paradox.

Anyway, I’ve compiled a list of 175 art-related people, places and things you might want to follow on Twitter. I’m absolutely, positively sure I’ve missed a whole bunch of good folks and incorrectly categorized quite a few others. Send a message to @glasstire and I’ll get you next time around. Come on, San Antonio and El Paso. I know you’re out there.

The ordering within each group is fairly random, with superstars mixed in with regular folks, but in my heart I’ve given extra points to those who 1) are somehow related to Texas and 2) don’t just post links to their own stuff and call it a day.





@xtaforster Houston artist

@artsinaustin Austin writer

@jennyschlief Houston artist

@roysart Dallas artist

@lauralark Houston artist and writer

@amaclean Houston photographer

@NicolaParente Houston artist

@buffalosean Houston artist and writer

@joeenglandart Dallas artist

@artlicker Houston writer

@dabfoto Houston photographer

@cboman Houston artist

@thawpaints Cresson painter

@notsuohphoto Houston photographer

@gcvpphm Amarillo guy

@KBoyette Houston artist

@Arthouse_Ben Austin guy

@Arthouse_Erin Austin gal

@Arthouse_Jenn Austin gal

@MelissaBerry Austin gal

@Arthouse_VA Austin person(?)

@gwentown Houston writer

@LolaJRS Houston advocate

@ChuckEye A man of many hats, mostly fedoras

@markinalexey Houston sculptor

@ChristianAzul Houston artist, part of Aerosol Warfare

@gonzo247 Ditto

@CosmoPolitician Houston writer

@salvocheque Austin writer

@gurl_friday Galveston photographer

@RLHooper Houston curator

@baldheretic Houston photographer

@MarilynFenn Austin painter

@LBPR Houston advocate

@swagan Houston curator

@artinformant Houston advocate

@v_hopson Houston curator

@Bosos Houston artist

@samsanford Austin artist

@bpiana Houston artist

@ArtCreativity Dallas teacher


@jennyholzer Super famous artist who works with text. Gee, is Twitter perfect for her or what? (But wait, apparently it’s not really her.)

@TylerGreenDC D.C. writer

@MarcSchil Founder of Wooster Collective

@artfagcity New York writer

@keithplocek Los Angeles writer

@judyrey We’re not sure what this woman does exactly, but she’s got a bazillion followers and seems to be great about communicating back and forth.

@artwhirled Los Angeles writer

@AlisonGilchrest New York gal

@jaymjordan Louisville curator

@ErinEven Um, we don’t know his deal, to be honest. But he’s definitely interesting, and he Tweets about art.

@Art_News Good guy who chats back and forth with other art folks

@hragv New York writer

@cmonstah New York writer

@ArtistDominic Los Angeles artist

@artofedwards Akron artist

@artcity Milwaukee writer

@TwoCoats East Coast writer

@sierrag San Francisco marketer

@richardrossello East Coast dealer

@AJDoug Seattle writer

@CherylBernstein New Zealand historian

@myartspace_blog Chicago writer

@marcoart Atlanta artist

@BoydGreeneArt Rock Spring artist

@MatthewLangley Falls Church artist

@PaulaMannLewis Albuquerque artist

@sethcarmichael Los Angeles dealer

@debrahampton New York artist

@meganemarshall New York advocate

@xenializ Wisconsin artist

@Flocking101 Boni Beach artist

@baprojects Kansas City artist

@lgpaint Georgia artist

@StampfliTurci Lausanne dealer

@LuukChristiaens Merchtem historian

@loriglessner Philadelphia artist

@KATEBECKstudio Harpswell artist

@keastland D.C. painter

@elisacarmichael Los Angeles dealer

@KeshaBruce Metz painter

@roswebbart Ireland painter

@chaykak New Milford writer

@real00 Pittsburgh guy

@artschooled Brooklyn critic

@thefutureisred Salta artist

@dcartist Arlington artist

@celestestudio Los Angeles artist

@artundernose Fort Lauderdale writer




@themodernfw Fort Worth museum

@irvingarts Irving center

@Mexic_Arte Austin museum

@clearygallery Houston gallery

@diverseworks Houston organization

@the_carter Fort Worth museum

@MFAH Houston museum

@DallasMuseumArt Dallas museum

@hellolucky Houston store

@lawndalehouston Houston organization

@ArtLeagueHousto Houston organization

@RiceGallery Houston gallery

@Domy_Books Austin store

@SaintArnold Houston brewery

@blaffergallery Houston gallery

@artpace San Antonio Center

@OrangeShow Houston organization

@winterstreet Houston studios

@SuperHappyFunLa Houston venue



@metmuseum Yep, that Met.

@MuseumModernArt Yep, that Museum of Modern Art.

@whitneymuseum Yep.

@GettyMuseum Los Angeles museum

@HunterMuseum Chattanooga museum

@walkerartcenter Minneapolis museum

@MattressFactory Pittsburgh museum

@brooklynmuseum Brooklyn museum

@iainisthenew Sydney gallery

@JenBekman New York gallery

@philamuseum Philadelphia museum

@cincyartmuseum Cincinnati museum

@QueensMuseum Queens museum

@The_New_Gallery Calgary gallery

@museumofart Claremont museum

@KraslArtCenter St. Joseph center

@CincyCAC Cincinnati center

@agallerylondon London gallery

@KemistryGallery London gallery

@chinasquare New York gallery

@CarnegieMellCFA Pittsburgh college

@NortonMuseum South Florida museum

@iheartSAM Seattle museum

@eclipsegallery Algoma gallery

@avenueofthearts Philadelphia district

@MASS_MoCA North Adams museum

@spacesgallery Cleveland gallery




@glasstire Online journal of Texas visual art. Oh wait, this is us. You should definitely follow us. Come on now.

@spacetaker Houston organization

@HoustonPress Houston alt-weekly

@dallas_observer Dallas alt-weekly

@AustinChronicle Austin alt-weekly

@SAcurrent San Antonio alt-weekly

@2995 Houston Chronicle’s foray into the alt-weekly space

@austinist Austin site

@Houstonist Houston site

@ArtAllianceATX Austin organization

@ArtsCouncilFW Fort Worth organization

@CaseMagazine Houston magazine

@ArcoftheArts Austin organization

@haatx Houston organization

@artlovemagic Dallas collective

@via_colori Houston street painting festival

@DallasArtsSalon Dallas salon

@fresharts Houston organization

@houstonarts Houston organization

@artshouston Houston magazine

@ARTreachTexas Houston organization

@VisualStudies Houston program

@artepublico Houston publisher


@fecalface San Francisco site

@aczine New York site

@theartblog Philadelphia site

@tryharderart Los Angeles site

@ArtMacguffin Brooklyn collective

@artlog Brooklyn newsletter

@myartspace Palo Alto site

@finishingschool Los Angeles collective

@MoMAlearning New York organization

@nytimesarts New York paper (duh)

@art21 New York organization

@rhizomedotorg New York site

@artnetdotcom New York site

@artinfodotcom New York site

@newcurator U.K. site

@circusgallery Los Angeles gallery

@sfcamerawork San Francisco organization

Don’t be shy about posting a message to @glasstire to let me know where I’ve screwed up. This list, as should be evident to anyone who made it this far, is a work in progress, although I admit I do like the somewhat arbitrary nature of its ordering. It just seems appropriate for the beautiful mess that is Twitter.

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7 Responses

  1. theremin

    If any labels had been used, the labels themselves would become the work, and too often this is the case. More should be done to limit their impact on the viewer’s experience in all shows. Thank you, Michael, for your insight, and your well written article.

  2. theremin

    Hearing Eliasson talk about his work on KERA did nothing to make me appreciate his work. Coming from a culture where you have no peers in the business makes it especially tough to find your own voice as an artist. But I do agree with your point about museum labels, or “cards” as they say in the UK. And you most certainly wrote a good article.

  3. yandymung

    Thanks so much for this useful list! The Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. would love to be included in your “Elsewhere” list! Just follow @americanart.

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