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David Sokolec of Border Art dialog reports on an effigy hanging outside University of Texas at El Paso’s Glass Gallery at the Fox Fine Arts Center that has touched a few raw nerves in El Paso, and, as a bonus, titles his entry with a terrible, terrrible pun!

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  1. theremin

    Acting like a foolish clown, indeed. Is the F O message really necessary? Grace is important,. If some shit talker was just claiming you were an ass, it would be one thing. You proved you were one without her saying a thing.

  2. rainbird

    All this reminded me of my graduation a long, long time ago…from a university in the early eighties (I had to look at my resume to actually remember the date)… I had a rubber stamp made that said, ” Fuck you all, I’m gone.” and I left a stamped note in all my professors’ boxes. I was a printmaking minor, and it made sense to me. I was well liked and no one really cared. And I haven’t been back . I think they just couldn’t believe that I thought I was an artist and wouldn’t end up a teacher or a housewife or whatever. Grace is important. And sometimes it isn’t. Lately, you and others just sound like snobs. Very smart snobs.

  3. theremin

    I think putting a pic of some Renaissance Fair dildo grabbing someone’s tit with the caption, “Fuck you, Rainey” isn’t funny… it’s just wrong. If that makes me a snob, I’ve been called one before for good reason. One thing I like about both of them (bs and Rainey) is they actually have an opinion. There’s a saying, Opinions are like assholes… everyone has them, and they usually stink. Nowadays, no one has an opinion, and they’re all full of shit. When you start missing the asshole, you become full of shit. bs and Rainey are generally not full of shit. That much I’ll give them, hope you’ll do the same for me.

  4. lcastle

    #7 NEA Credibility
    Tony Chauveaux, former Texas Arts Commission Chairman and Deputy Director of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, will be appointed as the Chairman of the NEA in 2009, finally bringing watercolor bluebonnets to the national stage. This lawyer from Beaumont will totally screw shit up, I tell ya.

    This is in response to the comment about Tony Chauveaux and NEA credibility. Tony Chauveaux has a respectable collection of artwork by living contemporary Texas artists. He doesn’t own any bluebonnet paintings. Over the years, the Art Museum of Southeast Texas has been fortunate enough to borrow works from his collection for exhibitions and I have become quite familiar with his collection. He does own work by Jesus Moroles, James Surls, John Alexander, Robert Jessup, Lauren Levy and of course photographs by Beaumont artist Keith Carter to name just a few. In response to the comment about the NEA, as deputy director for grants and services for the National Endowment for the Arts from October 2003 – December 2008, Tony was instrumental in channeling hundreds of thousands of dollars into Texas art organizations and either directly or indirectly into the hands of artists. As far as being appointed by President Obama to become the Chairman of the NEA? It would be a dream come true for Texas arts but unfortunately I find that about as likely as Tony Chauveaux going out and buying a bluebonnet painting.
    Lynn P. Castle
    Executive Director
    Art Museum of Southeast Texas

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