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Re: From Monument au Fantome to Gray Stone

Last week, while writing about the new fountains at 1100 Louisiana, I promised I’d follow up in the event I heard back from property owner Hines Interests.
Call me a man of my word.
Property Manager Julie Goodell responded to an email and let me know the new plaza was a collaboration between Gensler ArchitectsOffice of James Burnett Landscape Architects,  and WET Design.
She also included a copy of an article that was in the building’s newsletter, the highlights of which include:
The jets at 1100 Louisiana can shoot up to 15 feet.
“The intent of the WET’s concept is to create a Water Room that provides a garden-like, serene atmosphere within the heart of the plaza and downtown.”
WET Design, by the way, is most famous for designing the giant fountains outside the Bellagio in Vegas. 
“The objective of the project was to create an attractive experience that people can identify as an icon of downtown, just as the Dubuffet did prior.” (I wasn’t a huge fan of the Dubuffet’s placement there, but I do wonder if the new fountains could ever have that same iconic status.)
The fountains are surrounded by seven large oak trees, each of which is in turn surrounded by a bench to seat water-watching downtown workers – and presumably the homeless, I would add.

On that note, anyone else notice there used to be a regular guy who would sleep in the Dubuffet? Talk about a palace.

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