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Gerald Peters Gallery, which once anchored the heart of the gallery area in Dallas at the corner of Fairmount Street, is closing permanently. The gallery went through a glory period in the 90s when Tally Dunn (of Dunn and Brown Contemporary) was the director, then a strange, ill-fated interlude when former Kimbell director Ted Pillsbury joined as a partner, and lately, a lingering demise culminating with a move to Dragon Street along with most of the other galleries in town. It feels like the end of an era for a once-mighty powerhouse in the Texas gallery scene.

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  1. Patricia Mora

    I would observe that Gerald Peters has REMAINED the “powerhouse” on the art scene in Dallas. Regardless of who was at the helm, it delivered consistently significant and well-curated shows. Plus, to make assumptions regarding “strange, ill-fated interludes” seems, well, unseemly.

    GP has been a marvelous and well-lauded gallery for many, many years. I enjoyed seeing Cornell and Rauschenberg grace their walls as well as their recent exhibit of Terrell James’ work. This is a stellar venue in Dallas and hardly the limping enterprise you describe. If anything, Dallas should applaud its long history of giving us art worth our time and intellect. It’s a touchstone that makes the Dallas art scene shine with an elegance and incandescence that is sorely lacking in many venues.

    And, if GP is, in fact, closing its doors, it’s a collective loss.

    My apologies for disagreeing. But I do.

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