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Following up on my Morandi post: I’ve gotten a lot of flack for criticizing that show. My problem (right or wrong) is not so much with the work itself. My problem is with the conservative Good Taste groupthink that suddenly needs boring, pale still lifes to heal its psychic wounds after the carnival of sharks in formaldehyde and motorcycles in the Armory we’ve been entertained by. Style Flash: earnest introspection with a hint of dullness is back in style, everybody!!  This Is What We’re Going To Get Excited About Now.

We art world denizens gush and flash our placards with the lockstep precision of a North Korean rally.

Someone pointed out that Peter Schjeldahl liked the show ("liked" being an understatement). This is like pointing out that sports writers in Houston are saying that this year, things will be different.

Rah Rah Go Team Go!

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