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Let’s start with the Tolerance bridge thing I just posted on the newswire: why a new name? Is HAA trying to increase community involvement in a project that is essentially a private enterprise? I mean, it’s going to be great to have a walkable, bikeable bridge between Montrose and the Heights, but in keeping with the "everything’s for sale" ethos of this city, I think naming rights to a landmark like that are, in the words of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, "golden" and should be sold to the highest bidder. That doesn’t mean it has to be dull:

"Schlumberger humperbridge"
"Continental divide"
"The Toyota Twister"

. . . you get the idea.


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  1. murdernapkin

    you should consider only making your pictures centered rather than your whole entry. It looks shitty when the whole fucking article is centered when most likely you only want the pics that way. This makes you look much dumber than someone who capitalizes the letter P for emphasis.

    Even if you change your formatting you are still an asshole.

    Anyway. Fuck you.

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