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Galleria Lazzara, a new pay-to-play gallery off 290 in Houston will open the fourth of it’s monthly shows on January 8, featuring works by five artists who, according to their contracts pay about $100 each for wall space, but keep 70% of any sales: painter Becky SoriaDoug Hamilton, smooth jazz keyboardist/abstract painter Greg Scott, Elizabeth Cencini and Andrei Zakharenkov. The night before the opening, a special metal tag will get "VIP Artrepreneurs" in for a first look at the new wares.

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  1. gallerialazzara

    Galleria Lazzara is new in town! However, in regards to Bill Davenport’s comment, GL is not a “pay-to-play” gallery. It is free to exhibit with the gallery. The gallery asks each artist to help out with the opening costs of wine, photography, and bartenders. This is depending on the month and each artists situation. Each artist interested in showing work submits a portfolio of work and agrees to our updated 2009 contract. GL is still in the process of completely updating it’s website for the new year. I invite you to visit the gallery at your convenience. Email me, the gallery curator, meredith@gallerialazzara.com. 🙂

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