Top Ten Sculptures, Intallations and Giveaways in 2008



#10 Personal Panopticon, Cory Wagner


#9 To Whom It May Concern, Emily Sloan



#8 You Are the We of Me, Jeanne Cassanova



#7 My Weltanschuung: Sentient Memory Reified, Whitney Riley and Doren Bernard 


#6 Hallibacon Bucks, Maria Guzman


#5 Cohesive Discord, BOX13 @ Space 125 (Woody Golden, Lisa Marie Godfrey, Anila Q Agha, Elaine Bradford, Kathy Kelley and Mat Wolff)



#4 Towards a New Theory of Color Reading, Stephanie Syjuco



 Sorry, no pic.

Both Sharon Kopriva’s and Barbara Davis’ sites

are down right now :(


#3 Palm Trees and the End of the World(?), Sharon Kopriva from michael a. salter on Vimeo.

#2 Too Much, Michael Salter 



#1 Trancendental Smoothie, Stephan Hillerbrand and Mary Magsamen

also by Sean Carroll

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