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Cubic Zirconia Duck = Holy Ghost


It’s great when the New York Times decides to let a rich guy pay his way into their pages. Most of the time outsider artists are poor, reclusive, mad, shy and rural. Anthony Walter is not your typical outsider artist, but he is extremely devoted to religion, which is a popular outsider characteristic.


‘scuse me while I whip this out:

“I am a huge threat because what I have done renders everything they [the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston]
have junk, I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant but the reaction of people who come
in here tells me the power of it.”



WTF?!?, and I thought I was arrogant.





The room is a tribute to his wife, Susan, he said, and is meant to
teach others how to achieve God’s salvation through marital love. It is
also his take on Christianity.“The Bible is confusing the way
it’s laid out,” he said. “I want to visually depict its teachings so
that everyone can understand and experience it.” 



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  1. Wayne Dolcefino

    A, it’s a BUNKER, man. You can’t see the outside of it. It’s built into the sewer system underneath the Contemporary Arts Museum. It once belonged to Verrückter Ludwig von Bayern and was moved, piece by piece, from a grotto, first to The Eagle’s Lair in 1937, where the Führer, after several false starts, finally abandoned his plan for a private Wagnerian Opera House. Then, in September of 1945, it was dismantled and crated up by GI’s under orders from Prescott Bush. Senator Bush intended for it to be reassembled in Acuncion, Paraguay, for the family clubhouse during winter vacations. However, it sat in crates for sixty years until Dr. Walter bought it on eBay.

    And, anybody can tell that’s a seagull, not a duck.

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