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There are three main categories to art blogs: aggregators, pic posters and writers. They all mix, but you get the picture.


#10 C-Monster

The original C-Monster (the LA times launched a copycat "Culture Monster" a few months ago) is a highly efficient aggregatorfor Southern Cali art, complete with thousands of links to all this art writing Galactus can stomach.


#9 Indianapolis Museum of Art

 Institutional kudos to the museum that figured out how to blog! LACMA‘s is alright too, but really, it is better to read about Indianapolis ’cause its better made. The IMA blog is about the museum, but you wouldn’t be able to tell with just a quick glance. The writer creates a character, a little bit crazy, but that’s how its all supposed to go. Plus, word clouds based on a musum’s collection (constructed by user tags aka digital visitors) rocks.


#8 Arts in Houston

Britt from the Chron has broken more news this year than anyone other than Tyler Green, and even if his posts are mixed into theater chat it was worth it to hear about Prospect.1 and New Orleans and the aftermath of Ike at Houston art spaces. 


#7 Artforum’s Diary

 Rich pics (always in a double format?) define this blog, but there is a hell of a lot of sincere thought mixed into the name-dropping and scene-setting that their posts begin and end with. The place to memorize faces if you’re outside the loop, or just an informal fashion blog, Diary is like Page Six for graduate students at art colleges.


#6 Emvergeoning

This San Antonio blogger is one of the great writers in the game, digging deep in the internet for references and focusing attention on local shows, graf and art politics. A lovely vivisection of Synecdoche, New York should be enough to make you fall in dork love.


#5 Jumping in Art Museums

This Washington DC art blog takes all the boringness of writing about art in DC and says "screw it." In the process they have reached a sincere height of art appreciation- unmuddled by words. Step 1: Find something you like. Step 2: Wait until the museum guard walks away. Step 3: Jump! Allison posts name, place, work your jumping for and that’s it. With a recent official event held at MoMA, mention in the NYTand professional photogs sending her stuff, this might get out of hand.


#4 Bad At Sports

What? You don’t know when your website is done? When it looks like this. Integrated video, podcasts, posts, articles, status updates and Telemundo advertisements. It is a friggin’ crime to look this good.


#3 art:21

Seen the videos? Follow the artists included in the show, like Trenton Doyle Hancock, as they make bigger and better things.


#2 Modern Art Notes

The aggregator of aggregators, Tyler Green keeps ’em honest and reads monstrous amounts of stuff. Lately it’s been all about MOCA going down hard. They might get eaten by LACMA, and even if it is board room drama, Green makes it good. Like butter on peas.


#1 Your Own Life

Go outside. Get some fresh air.

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