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Radio silence? WTF!?! Am I trying to lose my job here? Well maybe you should ask the AP what’s up. They’re losing their shirt right now. 


It seems like this season of Top Ten lists and group shows to stimulate the pocketbook to sluttiness is about to go crash. Everything we’ve heard about the demolition of the economy is in the mail, bro. It’s not even bad right now. Just wait until January 1st. Graffiti will eat academics alive in the long run. Sculptors will become municipal sculptors- or just plain teachers. Painting is never dead, but this Lenin-in-a-glass-vitrine existance is only going to get tougher. Will the arts orgs let people go? Will the city slash thousands of jobs? Can we get some public transportation around here? Really, I have been doing shit. I have about seventy pages I am beating myself up over. It’s nothing.

The shambles of our artworld will be exposed as bad accounting and bags of sand. Coming soon, I’ll give you the Top Ten Top Tens, ’cause it seems like the fire sale is already on. Shouldn’t this be archived for the future?

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