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The Entire City, Max Ernst


So I ran down to snag some dog food on Shepherd and stopped off at the Menil- great crowd, cloudy day. Apparently lots of people skip the football and leftovers and head on down to Montrose right after Thanksgiving. Hell, even the mayor likes it. Bill White was just chillin’, starin’ at some surreal landscapes with his daughter, checking out the Max Ernst show for the second time (he was at the opening too). 

I wanted to walk up to him and say, "Hello Mayor White, I just wanted to say thank you for the role you played in the Wayne Dolchefino thing." I wussed out. I would’ve been butting in anyway.



If you have a chance to stop by the Menil, there’s a lot of good little bits to check out. There’s a great Clyfford Still in the lobby, and they’ve replaced the Ernsts in the Surrealism collection with Paul Klees. There’s a sweet Dorothea Tanning sculpture near the Central African Savanna show (she was Ernst’s 4th wife) and the Twombly Gallery is whole again ever since the seriously Monet lookin’ landscapes have returned.

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