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Well, it seems like WD-400 is gonna let the art "scandal" go for the holidays, and dammit if he didn’t tie up his reporting with a bow. It looks like both sides can declare victory, Wayne content that the mayor is going to give the Houston Arts Alliance "a new coat of paint" and the HAA sticking to their guns about the dificulties of making public art work in this city. The short-lived jab at glasstire (read- the words glasstire.com being repeated on the news several times Monday and Tuesday) meant nothing, and in the end Wayne even said he liked some of the Performance Art Lab’s work. Here’s Bill White playing deus ex machina:


Dr. Pepper, Performance Art Lab, 2008

"I’m sort of proud for the fact there are grants going out to
innovative, alternative arts organizations," Mayor White said. "When I
was a kid people thought the Beatles White Album was radical. Now you
hear it play in elevators."


So maybe someday cavemen trying to
frighten traffic on Allen Parkway or a girl making nice with a Dr.
Pepper bottle will sort of be like a Picasso.

Just so you will
know. One viewer argued the Dr. Pepper video is art, because it’s
really mocking the use of sex to market beverages.


 via ABC13


 Go figure.

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