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Moroles Awarded National Medal of Arts

Jesus Moroles‘ tireless quest to cover the earth with bland granite monuments has brought him the National Medal of Arts from President Bush last Monday in a ceremony at the White House. Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes is befuddled, and Dan Goddard of the San Antonio Express-News defends the home team. In any case, More than 2000 of Moroles’ works are sitting in plazas and parks around the world right now, and they’re not going anywhere.

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  1. gmc

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  2. Trungpa Ricochet

    President Bush also recently named the edgy, controversial “country” singer, Lee Greenwood to the National Arts Council, further burying the whole NEA in the grave originally dug by the Republican Congress some years ago. Maybe this all further justifies the notion that artists should all have a deep appreciation for irony, knowing that approval or disapproval, especially from government, means absolutely nothing. Who knows what will be remembered? At the risk of adding to the already Augean scope of Duchamp litany, for the incurably curious, I recommend reading the text of his speech delivered at the MFAH in 1965, given to accompany his other retrospective, the…ahem…commercial one. He pretty much gets the whole game right.

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