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Gleniece Robinson, President of the Texas Library Association 2000

found googling "trends and timelessness"


After a curt intro, HAA director Jonathan Glus handed it off to the guy furthest to his right, who had a joke about it;


 "I had two bad dreams about this panel. 1. We would be naked. 2. I would go first."

gallerist Devin Borden


"Maybe I’m the girl that the magician cuts in half."

 curator Toby Kamps


"I’m only here because Kelly Klaasmeyer had a baby."

 writer Laura Lark


"The dead heaviness I felt when I entered the gallery had gone."

collector Fabene Welch


"I’m starting to sound like a 12-step program."

collector Lester Marks



Continue debate until the future is today. 

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