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Impending Dim

Eric Pearce

Saturday, November 22nd 6-10pm

the joanna Gallery

4014 Graustark



Everyone should be there after Artcrawl! EVERYONE!

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  1. _scott

    but do you think the show ‘worked’?

    “war of the whales” felt really out of place to me but i enjoyed beau comeaux’s pieces hanging next to it. the quality and scale of his photos were unnerving.

    all in all i didn’t really think it was a strong showing and in general it all felt fairly disconnected. i agree with your point about the “thread” or lack thereof. having read nothing about nat23 beforehand i didn’t really pick up on any sort of common theme at all and honestly a lot of the work felt really expected, so intensely personal that it was difficult to connect with much of anything at all. something about the john lennon telephone piece made me come closer and i really enjoyed the drawings but for the most part i felt myself skimming through the majority of the work. i’m not much of a video guy but i enjoyed lamson’s balloon piece. another one of the installations wasn’t actually working when i visited. i believe the computer crashed. a mac, ironically.

    i agree with ivan lozano that as a show it was pretty drab and felt slapped together. i didn’t get a sense of the thought behind it at all and any high points were bogged down by the execution. would be curious about how everyone else felt about it. personally i think art house could and should do better.

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