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This Thursday night, November 20, University of Texas art historian Richard Shiff will unravel the moldy mysteries of Cy Twombly’s Untitled [A Painting in Nine Parts], AKA "The Green Paintings," just back from London, where they were part of "Cy Twombly: Cycles and Seasons," at the Tate Modern. 7 pm, free at the Menil Collection, Houston.

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  1. tobrienwriter

    I just heard about 600 hundred Uyghur women (the Muslim ethnic minority in western china) who peacefully protested for basic human rights a few months ago – and disappeared right afterwards. All of them. Nothing ever heard from them again. Forget about about Tibet, and thousands of ethnically Han Chinese activists…
    The flood of positive rainbow colored images in the opening ceremonies, especially of smiling children from around the world, I just couldn’t take it. The whole thing was nauseating. I couldn’t watch it straight through – I kept changing the channel for a breather. All that inhuman synchrony – I couldn’t see the difference from those North Korean stadium affairs, except that the production values were so much more sophisticated. I think a lot of people are a little freaked out that a country so repressive and brutal to any form of dissent is clearly set to become the dominant power on earth. Not that the US is doing such a great job…
    I guess I should write my own blog about this; too much to rant about.

  2. malevich

    The opening was truly spine chilling – as if it was time to celebrate the New Men – who willingly makes enormous sacrifices to enable the empire. This message was soaked in historical paraphernalia and justification. “Coming out party” – 4 billion people heard that phrase or equivalent on 8/8/08. Such a subliminal phrase, it meant: This is officially a bipolar world.

    – Except Russia came out the same day as well.

    What a lucky day, huh?. 08 08 08

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