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Forget the west coast, let’s eat it now!

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  1. b.s.

    Who cares if he waxes methhead or hates things that he actually likes or accuses John Cage of being an atheist. That was entertaining.

  2. another tired cowboy

    I agree with b.s.. The best things in life are free, the second best things you pay an arm and a leg for.(Think Williams-Sonoma.) I also like the disclaimer of the management. Telling, yes?

  3. JoelF

    You don’t have to like Dario Robleto’s work, but since the basis of your rant is that the wall label says his blanket is “infused” with dust, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t say that.
    It says that the military-issued blanket (from the American-Indian Wars) is INFESTED (not infused) with hand-ground vinyl dust from Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s “Cortez the Killer” and Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love.” Just as the military-issued blankets issued to Native Americans were INFESTED (not infused) with smallpox.
    Kind of changes the meaning, doesn’t it? You still don’t have to like it, but don’t blame Robleto for your reading comprehension.

  4. Peter Williams

    Dear JoelF,

    On page 126 of the NeoHooDoo catalog it’s “infused.” Check it.

    If you think I’d put one word in front of the other for all to see before checking my facts then you is wrong. Okay, so maybe I might have repositioned a comma or two, or restructured a sentence or two, but my facts are accurate. Perhaps the Menil made a mistake. Oops! How can an institution do that?

    And if it is “infested,” then as far as I’m concerned it’s even more stupid. You’ll have to figure out why yourself. Perhaps a re-read would help.

  5. rainbird

    Please send me Alaska. (with some of the edging)…or if Alabama is all that is left, that’ll do. I’ll keep it forever in my freezer. And I’ll love it daily.
    You’ve eaten it all already, haven’t you? Have another made and please send me ‘Alaska’.
    Your Friend

  6. Asshole

    Pavlov asked one of his students to sit beside his bed and to record the circumstances of his dying. He wanted to create unique evidence of subjective experiences of this terminal phase of mirroring.

  7. rainbird

    Pavlov rang the bell and waited anxiously to observe what Spot would do. Spot had been starved before these repeated conditioning experiments and knew exactly what was expected. Spot broke the tether and lunged. Teeth sunk deep into a soft exposed throat.

    People say they say a happy dog running through a Cowslip field.

    Later in life, Pavlov had to ring a bell to have his supper brought up and to have his soiled bedding changed.

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