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Ted Pillsbury, the chairman of fine arts at Heritage Auction Galleries, is in the news today after authenticating a Sebastiano Ricci painting that the auction house will sell on Nov. 20. The Vision of St. Bruno made its way from Europe through a fur trader and eventually through the Rannells family of St. Louis, and is estimated to fetch at least $600,000 at auction. [Side note: Heritage has an amazing URL — www.ha.com — and possibly the ugliest website we’ve ever seen.]

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  1. b.s.

    … both Dallas and Peter are outdated, crass and being passed over in the new century, so it’s no wonder that they share a special bond.”

  2. _scott

    for a guy who owns 36 corvettes, you’d think he could spring for a better web site. the only thing missing is a blink tag.

    oh wait, the logo blinks. nevermind.

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