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Keep Glasstire… uh …

One of the nice things about Houston is that it never had its own spinoff of the ubiquitous and irritating "Keep Austin Weird" motto (irritating because Austin ceased to be weird in the 70s — in fact, if you want to drive Austinites crazy, tell them their city has become a little hippy Dallas. It’s like telling Parisians that their city is the Disneyland of Europe. Fun stuff.)  The honeymoon couldn’t last, however, and now, joining the charmingly self-deprecating Keep San Antonio Lame and Keep Dallas Pretentious, we have Keep Houston Rich, courtesy of Adam Gibson & Vernon Caldera. They’re launching their thing at Peel Gallery on November 21!

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  1. b.s.

    Screwston does have it’s own motto, and it’s not Keep It Rich.

    Plus, Keep Dallas Plastic is better than the other one.

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