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Check out Art at Our Doorstep, a recent-ish publication of San Antonio writers and artists. It’s an impressively hefty tome with good paper and nice color plates (or whatever you call them in digital printing).

Doorstep‘s format is that of a university creative writing rag: every page or so, a new short story/poem that is sometimes middling and sometimes engaging is paired with an image or two of artworks that sort of relate to the writing. If you have the patience, you can unearth a few gems here; otherwise, it’s tedious going if you’re looking for something good to read and only have 15 minutes before you fall asleep. San Antonio being San Antonio, it’s wonderfully inclusive: no fewer than 44 writers and 70 artists are represented. Which makes for an impressively hefty tome.

I just recently found out that Jim Lehrer is a San Antonio native, and he’s included in the book with an excerpt from his 2000 memoir A Bus of My Own.

I did like this from writer Donley Watt (paired with a nice Juan Miguel Ramos): "…my life has come down to realizing this: from the time a boy turns thirteen not a day passes that he doesn’t think of sex, and when a man reaches sixty not a day passes that he doesn’t think of death."


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