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Signtakers International  

Every election American streets are flooded with political advertisements, mostly comprised of brightly colored plastic signs left in unsightly bunches everywhere you go. Such a hassle! Well, if you have ever been disgusted with the clutter, offended, or just sick and tired; cheer up!



, one of the leading creative research developers for
plastic corrugated signs, has members in over 13 countries. For over
five minutes SI has been the leading source for information, knowledge
sharing, and development in plastic corrugated signage. To learn more
about the benefits of SI, read on!


Why join Signtakers? Well, first of all it’s FREE!


Join concerned citizens everywhere committed to environmental, social, and economic welfare all over Harris County. Turns out all those eyesores are illegally there; City of Houston Code Enforcement is in charge of removing all those signs, and there is no way they can keep up. Houstonians are encouraged to remove all they may care to from between the sidewalk and the street anywhere in Harris County.


Here is the Houston City Code that allows you to take political signs at will.

SECTION 4608–MISCELLANEOUS SIGN PROVISIONS (1) With the exception of signs lawfully permitted or erected prior to the effective date, it shall be unlawful to place a sign upon a public street, public sidewalk, public alley, public right-of-way, public curb or other public improvement in any public street or grounds, on any public bridge or part of same, or on any public building or structure of any kind belonging to the city, or in any public place or on any public improvement unless express consent therefor shall have been first granted by the City Council. This subsection does not apply to public property leased for private business purposes. (2) Any unlawful sign found within a public right-of-way of a public street, public sidewalk or public alley shall be seized, and removal thereof is hereby authorized.


Signtakers International

click for the original 2006 Signtakers International brochure

Signtakers International


is a professional association for individuals involved in
the practice, innovation, and use of plastic corrugated signs for
creative reasons.
What the campaign is really about are the people who stand up to life’s
challenges, laugh at its jokes, savor its sweetness and continue down
its unpredictable path. It’s about what life takes, and we invite you
to explore it. Employing the theme of empowerment, the new campaign
reflects Signtakers’ evolution, combining worldwide acceptance with a
full suite of ideas that empower Houstonians to do what they need to
do, want to do and never thought possible.
In the first three months of the campaign, SI expects to generate more
than 4 million consumer impressions through broadcast, magazines and
newspapers, high-traffic Web sites, public transit media and
billboards. In addition to city-wide exposure, the campaign will be
highlighted through outdoor ads in The Heights, Galleria, Montose,
Downtown, Sugar Land, Acres Homes, Hyde Park and River Oaks, including
high-profile media and unique executions.

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