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Luis Jimenez, Vaquero, Moody Park


So I went to vote today at Moody Park on the north side of downtown Houston.  The weather is great and the bed of political signs outside the rec center was in full bloom. I even saw an iced tea ad mixed in saying "Vote for Grandma". Two ladies were canvassing at an appropriate distance from the building, both for democratic candidates. White, black and hispanic voters were entering and leaving the building at a quick pace, most were in their 40s or 50s. One old man in suspenders sat outside the entrance, people-watching. I bet he had fun. 

 Inside the pace was quick, 25 or so voting booths and seven or eight volunteers. One guy had to yell the options to a very old man as he tried to use the electronic voting. When we entered we were in a short line but by the time we left it had swollen to a dozen. An old hispanic guy complained "I don’ know what this is. I don’ do this before. What is this!" before he even gave them his name. Wildly speculating I would have to guess it at 33% McCain, 67% Obama; but I really have no idea. No problems here!


To see a map of early voting locations in Harris County click HERE.




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