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Well, besides the Supersession at NAEA…


… and the Fundred Dollar Bills project…





Mel Chin has been turning a home in the Saint Roch neighborhood of New Orleans into a gigantic safe for mysterious contents. Whether drumming up interest of telling the truth, Chin isn’t going on record about the house until it is revealed on Halloween this year. All he’s saying is that it’s worth three hundred million dollars.


It’s all part of the larger effort to get people out for Prospect.1– and every Houston artist, arts admin, photog and writer better be there. When else will we have a Venice Biennale-style event in our own clime, let alone a city most of us already know (or already know how to party in).

The international attention P.1 is getting is unprecedented in the American South (Miami isn’t the Souf), the New York and LA names slated for exhibits all over the city is staggering and here is a fresh example of revitalization through contemporary art- a lesson we should be able to take and apply to Galveston- that we can’t afford to miss.

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  1. McArtist

    okay…The Gadget was tested at the “Trinity” test sight, at what is now the white sands missile range. this location was picked because it’s in the middle of nowhere. Not Alamogordo, that just happens to be the closest town to where the bomb was detonated.

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