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These Hate Ads are Getting Wacky


from Virginia


That looks more like a Getty image designed for innocuous business reports flattened immensely, the high contrast and the words over the image bring that plane terribly close. Meanwhile, it is possible to hallucinate that the plane is coming at you right now, where you stand. Oh no! They’ll attack my front yard! It’s very scary. Kudos for Chicken Little impact, douchbags. Whoever thought this up is somewhere between marketing and graphic design in the RNC, but they’re not a professional by any means. AKA designer from really bad art institute + communications major with a taste for the audience’s blood.




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 He’s got his pinky in the air holding a viagra?!? That’s funny. Now it’s kind of apples to oranges, her picture at a sharp angle in soft focus and him in full frontal, harsh-light facial abuse, but it’s terribly clear that they found that male actor in a special crevice of the advertising industry known as "accounting" or maybe "janitorial". Either way, the recoil in horror is what they’re looking for. Don’t see it? You must be outside this ad’s target demographic- People who are easily offended and susceptible to suggestive emotional arguements.
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 PLUS… what do you think this one is about?
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