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Westside warrior special election report with Jose Canusee for 10162008.


Hello again I am lewis mojo lewis with this very special election
report from our new barrio bayou report, that all American boy and all
American in his own way Jose Canusee straight from Houston,Texas. Let
us now go live through our barrio satellite con our new guy Jose

(please note that Jose Canusee is a graduate student in Houston, and we want to thank him for his imput).

amigos y amigas, soy el political correspondent jose canusee filling in
for el vato general fideo veremcille who ate some bad frijoles de la
tapatia minutes before his scheduled departure to el debate in hofstra
university in HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. authorities are looking into the
possibility que general fideo may have been maliciously poisoned on
account que he has been known to mingle con las hijas de senor tapatia
una witness by the name of juan garcia-garcia, a cook at el
restuarante, dice que el chingon senior tapatia told him que he wanted
garcia-garcia to leave the frijoles out over night para general fideo
veremcille. commissioner alejandro “cuckoo” garza XIII discussed the
possibility of involving the help of el ojo private eye.

tonight was the third y final debate of obama y mccain los talking
heads dicen que en los dos debates prior to este que obama won by not
winning.. que curioso, no? in your humble correspondent’s opinion, this
reminds me of cuando the losing chalupa team of dolores
juanita-gregoria-jones & associates gets a trophy anyway….me gusta
el boracho…bueno, entonces according to the pundents el Juan McCain
needed to win this last debate without question…el mac attacked y yo
thought que obama was off his game con smirks y sighs… pero otra vez la
gente de la television says que Juan McCain did not attack enough y el
otro station says that he attacked too much… hey I have to admit que
the logic seems illogic to me pero I drank a few modelo especials y
entonces maybe I wasn’t thinking straight enough para los politicos.

to the opinion group que I gathered of 8 undecided viejos de mexico
ellos unanimously agree que they weren’t mentioned a single time in el
debate and they are concerned with the market value de corn on account
of el ethanol as issue numero uno

bueno more post debate analysis en el fin de la semana

this is jose canusee signing off.

Gee thanks Jose and we will following your report on this very important campaign for the next president of this good ole USA.



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