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It takes control and slowly tears you apart


Invisible Touch


Jeez, I just slept for 18 hours. I’m still groggy. I missed all sorts of shit. I was supposed to go to Dave and Busters. I missed the Joanna opening. There was a party on Commerce. Shit. It was the drugs, the benedryl to be specific. I tore up 40 years of flooring (who pours concrete on top of a wood floor?) in Galveston yesterday. By the end it smelled worse in the street than it did in the grocery store, where damp concrete was all that was left.  The tar treated subfloor was covered with a tongue and groove wood floor. Placed there some years later was a layer of plywood and linoleum tiles. Ugly ones. Finally, wire mesh and concrete held terra cotta tiles on top. We broke two shovels and a pickaxe. We bought more pickaxes. A teenager on his bike asked us if we wanted to hire him to help. Ron bashed himself in the knee with a hammer. A cowboy on a crane came by and picked everything up. I sang Invisible Touch in my head all day.




My hands started swelling immediately. They itched like motherfuckers. I sure as shit had a hell of an allergic reaction to something la mer left behind. After two hours of insisting I had shit to do I gave in and took a Benedryl to keep my hands from exploding. I couldn’t wake up two hours later for the life of me. I watched Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live through a glass darkly. Hell, I had slept for 18 hours by the time Colin Powell endorsed Obama on Meet the Press this morning.




Ya know, Land of Confusion is a better Genesis video. That shit’s crazy, and Ronald Reagan is the hero.








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