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George Segal just chillin’ at McClain 


Thursday is makeup day. For all of y’all who thought you missed an opening in the weeks after Ike, you’re wrong. Come out and play with everyone else who’s been cooped up for too long.  

 McClain has a stable show and drawings by John Alexander; over in a lobby in the Galleria you’ll find big names in a bad environment. Seriously, how did they get Al Souza, Joe Wooten, Leila Dallal and Paul Kittleson to exhibit, literally, in a lobby?


Jenny Holzer 

While there are a few openings scheduled during tonight’s yesterday’s debate the real big fish are on Friday, when "big name talent" and Black Panthers reign.

First up there is the Big Block, where Barbara Davis has Chuck Close, Robert Rauschenberg, Jenny Holzer and Robert Longo- shit! Shooting for second string are Joan Wich with Floyd Newsum, Anya Tish with Begoña Egurbide, Wade Wilson and Lucinda Cobley plus Peel Shop with Filliology.


Stephen Shames 

If the cocktail social caste is not your thing switch it up and head over to TSU’s roundtable about Stephen Shames’ Oakland photography from the Black Power movement , a humanization of the political radicals as they are cast in the light of social reform instead of militant activism.  


Saturday there is nothing cultured going on in this city at all. If you are looking for stupid shit and disreputable art stop off at the Joanna- but be forewarned, those kids drop two kegs every opening, and the crowd swells to bursting every time at about 9. No one should go. It’ll just be heathens and burdens on society, cultural leeches and the last vestiges of communism. Truly disgusting entertainment

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