the joanna

 the joanna, yo.


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  1. Pat

    “Godfrey is thinking”-what could she possibly be thinking?
    Is anyone else sick of seeing god-awful insult a child-like watercolors everywhere?

  2. b.s.

    are you pissed at bill… or lisa marie?

    well, i can only speak for myself, but i’m not sick of seeing bill insult people or sick of seeing childish watercolors.

  3. Rainey

    Pat, a friend in LA recently was bemoaning the glut of “La Cienega drawings” — craptacular doodles by local MFAs — and saying that all the great schools in LA just add up to a bunch of kids doing the same lousy thing.n
    Which bemused me, as I’ve always envied CA (and LA in particular) their great schools, and felt we are hurting for the same in TX.n
    The fact is, the grass is always greener, and anywhere you go there’s going to be mostly a bunch of sameness that we all struggle to weed our way through in search of the rare and exceptional, no?

  4. Pat

    Yes Rainey. If we began listing all of the artists working in such a closely similar way, it would be another “Deer Head Debacle.”

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