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Bac 2 da git mo’. Told yall da motto iz "git mo’" b4, during, and afta da storm. So nice 2 see yall bac wit da real shit out dat "H". Yall gotta luv this jam. This 1 called, "We Shine" (and dat we do so well). It stars E-Rock & 007 from da 5th Ward Boyz, Nickel-Boy, Terrantino, and Daddy Lo’.

Yall rememba 2 leave yall good ole comments and rate this and da otha jamz on our page and rememba to logonGitmoclik.com and download this jam 4 FREE!! So u can swang in ya slab while ya shine homie.

Fuk witcha boyz!!

mp3 music code from tasty mp3

Git Mo’ ’08,
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