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The bailout, as seen from afar


 Totally a Maginot Line moment.


 What happens to art when the economy goes sour? Good things, I hope. Too bad I was born in the 80s and all I can do is cross-reference Sean Landers and the 1991 recession, Diamanda Galás and the 1981 sink, Gilbert and George and the 1973 oil crisis, Lee Bontecou, Donald Judd and the late 50s financial kerfuffle, Helen Frankenthaler and Morris Louis in 1953, Robert Johnson, Surrealists in New York, hobos, Ecstasy, Un Chien Andalou and Picaba’s late work during the Great Depression and Dada after World War I.


What the hell do I know, recessions look good.


 One hundred and one years ago, a run on Knickerbocker Trust led to a severe recession. That turned out fine, see?


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