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Joseph Marioni, Does this go well with your couch? If not I can change it for you, 2008

The McNay is giving their thirteenth ARTMATTERS show to the craptastic Mr. Marioni, cementing their place as a pandering shithole in the center of Texas. I shouldn’t have been surprised when the museum director got down on his knees to help Hunt for suckers. Rene Barilleaux (who seems to have given up on his blog in May) will continue to give his city exactly what it does NOT want with this Wade Wilson cop-out. Michael Fried, modernist convervative, (yup, in this century Modernism is looking to the past) loves the guy , and doesn’t feel bad about pumping him up as a harbinger of "hypostatization of objecthood" despite the fact that hypostatization is a logical fallacy and, like throwing French words into a lecture when you don’t know what to say, makes you look only slightly smarter than Sarah Palin.  That’s right, Marioni will be showing here this month at the worst gallery in Houston. Well, the worst at getting the point across. Artshouston drops the bomb about the upcoming double dip- let’s let them elaborate 🙂 double-widely edition

 "Joseph Marioni is one of the most revered artists working in the European art scene. He is celebrated in countries like Switzerland and
Germany where he exhibits widely in both museums and galleries and is
collected widely in the public and private sectors…
  The vivid psyche and relentless imagination of the Painter Joseph
Marioni lead us into visual mindscapes whose surfaces are at once
calming and adventurous."

I made that P red ’cause it’s all over his website and even capitalized in the article. Why the fuck would anyone need to do this?



That’s the sound of an incredulous asshole farting on referring to oneself in the third-person as The Painter. Hell, for all this European cred he was born in Columbus, Ohio. How avant-garde is that!  

Despite the fact that abstraction is still alive (bleeding out of its ears, but still very much alive) I cannot agree that Marioni is doing it any good. Fried’s grasping at straws sounds like Pat Buchanan on Rachel Maddow. Macaroni will go over in SA like a lead balloon, but don’t forget what they say… 








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  1. murdernapkin

    you should consider only making your pictures centered rather than your whole entry. It looks shitty when the whole fucking article is centered when most likely you only want the pics that way. This makes you look much dumber than someone who capitalizes the letter P for emphasis.

    Even if you change your formatting you are still an asshole.

    Anyway. Fuck you.

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