The Damien Hirst direct auction at Sotheby’s is double interesting because people hate art dealers, AND they hate superstars. You can enjoy it two ways: either "Hirst is really sticking it to those bloodsuckers", or "lets hope the arrogant bastard falls on his face." No one’s crying for the galleries any more than they are crying for the major record labels. It’s an ugly tabloid dream: however it turns out someone we love to hate gets it.

 I haven’t heard the results yet, but here are my uninformed predictions: I’m sure it will be a success; everyone wants it to come off. It’s a stunt in the style of subversion and will have no lasting effect on art sales or the art industry. It’s net result will be to INCREASE sales for galleries, and Hirst’s dealers are smart enough to know it.

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See , I told ya so. 

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  1. festoonedbaboon

    The auction house still charges both the buyer and seller a commission. The only advantage to an auction sale is that demand dictates the value so that you don’t have to speculate on the price as you would in a gallery.

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