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Venues for sculpture that includes a dab of performance are rare. Co-Lab, Austin will host a performance/installation titled: The Reprisal & Renovation of Discarded Ideas by Deena OH (aka Nanobangbang) on Sunday, September 7, from 8-11 PM, with the actual performance bit  between 9:15 – 9:30. Deena will invite questions and comments after the piece ends.

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  1. Elena

    These days the Mcnay is little more than a beatific playground for those spacy Saturday afternoons, when portraited brides-to-be slowly saunter the grounds and high school kids get their kicks in the parking lot all transpiring while transient visitors meander the old mansion turned museum.

  2. Tanana

    it’s refreshing to hear that an artist was bemused by the whole spectacle instead of defensive and ready to pounce on everything that is wrong with the prize. bring on the lasers!

  3. Ivan L

    “Next year, rather than another jury, Richard Hunting, chairman of Hunting PLC, should select the winner personally; drawn in a cart by seven white bulls, he will fire a laser wand through a series of crystal prisms to illuminate the chosen work. The artist will receive a golden belt buckle, and then lose it the same evening in a binge of celebratory drinking. That would be something to talk about.”

    Now THAT would be a prize in itself. EVERYONE’S A WINNER!

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