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The Empty Box

July 12, 2008


BOX 13 Artspace
6700 Harrisburg
Houston, Texas

the view

the party


the box

 Cody Ledvina, Katie Haragh and Michael Bise,
Adrian Page, Shannon and DJ Ryan

BOX13er Mark Schatz and Christine West,
Director of Lawndale Arts Center

“Panhandlers” Megan Goode, Stacy Tester,
Emily Southard and Stephan Gros

Sophie and her daughter

 University of Houston artists
Alexander Tu and [name removed by request]

Dan Graur and BOX13er Michael Henderson

Stephanie Toppin and Richard Sanchez aka DJ IP Freely

 BOX13 founding member Mat Wolff with JoAnn Park,
director of Apama Mackey Gallery

Kathy Kelley, BOX13 supporter and David Lake

G Gallery’s Wayne Gilbert, Christine West and

BOX13er Whitney Riley

Artist Mari Omari

 BOX13er Eric Pearce, BOX13 director Kathy Kelley and friends

 Elaine Bradford’s menagerie, pre-crochet

click to enlarge 

 Bradford, Siamese Squirrels

 Helen Altman

 Katy Heinlein

 The Art Guys, Bud Light

 Rory Skagen

 in Mark Schatz’s studio

Kathy Kelley in her studio
photography courtesy Dean and Ed Schipul

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