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One hates to give attention to the endless parade of harebrained business art schemes (which almost never involve good art), but this was too hilarious to pass up: Scott & Jones Art Brokerage’s ART ATTACK. Here’s their promotional text for you to savor: "Reliable
and assertive Art Attack provides the necessary tools needed to
jump-start an over all art marketing takeover. The niche is simple: the
Scott & Jones Art Brokerage team markets for you. This business is
designed to enhance personal creativity and advance production." What do they do, exactly? Who cares! It’s ART ATTACK! Learn to fling yourself on the art world like a grenade! Learn to fire bomb galleries with your arty ordinance! Enhance your personal creativity like a shotgun with its barrel sawed off!!!!!!

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  1. b.s.

    “A monthly 35 dollars entitles members to a selection of continuous promotion spots and marketing-friendly tools”

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