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Peter Max did not draw “Yellow Submarine”

Hey kids, Peter Max is comin’ to town!!!!!!!! (Gerald Peters, more specifically.) We’ll just quote the press release: "[O]ver 150 of Mr. Max’s
pieces of art ranging from his much-beloved heart series to his Max-ified
football helmets will be available for viewing and purchase from Friday,
Sept. 26, through Sunday, Oct. 5. Kicking off the ten-day show will be an “Uncrating
Party,” at which the last of the collection will be uncrated and revealed
to guests on Friday, Sept. 26. ‘Dallas and Peter have a true love affair,’
said Lesley Smith, exhibition director for the show. ‘Both are unique,
bold and world-famous, so it’s no wonder that they share a special

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  1. b.s.

    … both Dallas and Peter are outdated, crass and being passed over in the new century, so it’s no wonder that they share a special bond.”

  2. _scott

    for a guy who owns 36 corvettes, you’d think he could spring for a better web site. the only thing missing is a blink tag.

    oh wait, the logo blinks. nevermind.

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