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Blogger Jonathan Jones tackles the growing prominence of artists’ statements in the interpretive mix in a post in the Guardian (UK)’s Art and Architecture blog. Apparently it’s a hot topic: the piece streams a comet-trail of comments on both sides of the issue. It’s ironic that the article uses Jackson Pollock, one of the most written-about artists of all time, as the poster boy for "unexplainable" art.

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  1. Jey

    I liked the article a lot, thanks for posting a link to it. I think whether or not an artist explains him or herself is relative to the work they do and the situation they are in. The work should be first and foremost visually appealing and if the artist wants to discuss, or not discuss, the ins and the outs of his or her work it should be a decision based in honesty. Be honest, don’t bullshit and leave it at that.

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