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In our ongoing efforts to make your Glasstire experience as awesome as
possible, we did a survey recently. We’re using the results to retool
the site in the coming months.

So what was the gist of the feedback? Lots of people reverted to all
caps to tell us to FIX THE RSS AND GET SOME FRIGGING TAGS!!!! We had
about equal numbers of people tell us "more gossip" or "I wish you had
a Scene and Heard section" or "I like secrets divulged" as those who
said "Don’t be like TMZ" and "I’m turned off by the gossip stuff" and
"some objectivity would be nice." Then there were those who thought we
are too elitist, and others who said "stop listing the crap." Pretty
much everyone wanted more frequent updates to content and more/better

One idea we’re going to ignore completely? "I wish you had information
about performing arts as well." Sorry — can’t do it all!

Thanks to everyone who responded! We’re working on incorporating all
the helpful feedback, criticism and comments. In the meantime, please
enjoy the fun pie charts below.


Q: Is the current method for archiving articles as easy-to-use and useful as it could be?


Q: do you think reviews should have their own section?


Q: Do you use the print, PDF or Email buttons located at the top right of each article/blog?


Q: Do you think the current layout for the blogs is easy to use?


Q: Would a link to a preview of the show from its event listing be something you would visit before the show?


Q: Have you ever posted a video to the Video Station?


Q: How many days a week to you visit Glasstire?


Q: What day of the week do you most visit?

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