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No sparrow shall fall . . .

Caroline Webb, a sophmore at Nothwestern University in Chicago, will intern at Dallas’ McKinney Avenue Contemporary (MAC). She plans to major in Art History.

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  1. salvo cheque

    It makes perfect sense that museums will prefer to use Flash for their “interactive” projects when you start to think about their photography policies in the galleries.

    Messages received: “Don’t steal these artists images” or “We don’t have (or can afford) the expertise to launch websites conforming to the latest web standards”

  2. Ivan L

    I’m really glad you brought this up. And I completely agree and don’t understand why in this show, the same luddite rules apply in regards to photography. I can understand for some of their shows, when foundations and private collections are involved. But in this one? I doubt any of the 20 care and AMOA probably doesn’t have any rights to any of the work, so what’s the justification?

    And yes, it makes sense based on their stance on access to information that they would make a website in Flash. However, it’s a completely lost battle to try to stop images from spreading. It’s pretty easy to do a screen-capture like I did to get these images. I like the comparison to the internet as a pool and information as food coloring. once it’s in the water, it’s impossible to get out. Our great-grandchildren will see these comments one day and sigh AMOA bans 3D capture in its new Second Life site.

  3. kangaroo

    This website’s phone dial format with the xylophone sound effects is for museums and universities, mostly in Texas and California. The project is called Pachyderm and you can read about it at:


    They are coming out this month with new templates that are more user friendly, but it’s a great way for some organizations to get first-time websites. UNT-Denton’s art department uses Pachyderm and has modified it and it works better. UT’s Blanton, Project Row House, the McNay and other’s also use it. Their website lists all the schools and museums.

    It’s easy to set up without having any website building experience, so it’s very simple. But it does have opportunities for video, sound bites, links, and the basics. Also, images are stored by Pachyderm and some can be shared by other organizations.

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