“do you ever get the feeling you spend too much time online?”

Here is Oliver Laric‘s video response to a One Question Interview:

You tend to agree with his (its?) answer. It’s probably not great for posture. And it’s a cycle, vicious or otherwise. You spend too much time online admiring and drooling over out_4_pizza‘s breath-taking  LiveJournal, anxiously waiting for Travess Smalley‘s jpg collages or Loshadka posts, dancing along to Petra Cortright‘s YouTube videos:

And before you know it you’re reading page upon page of comments on Rhizome‘s discussion board. You try to memorize Marcin Ramocki‘s "Surfing Clubs: organized notes and comments" pdf. You start using a feed reader because it’s getting difficult to keep track of things.



also by Ivan Lozano

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One response to ““do you ever get the feeling you spend too much time online?””

  1. the first video here turned into a spiraling loss of my afternoon to youtube, due to a link at the bottom of that page. One thing led to another, and I found some real gems. If you’re in for a puzzling/disturbing trip down the narcissistic crazy hole, look for a slew of videos by one “Desteni”.

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