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San Antonio’s East Side is invigorated by the 4th Annual Dignowity Hill Pushcart Derby, Saturday, July 24, 5-8 pm. San Antonio artists and local organizations race uniquely-designed pushcarts for speed (or lack thereof) and creativity. Artist Cruz Ortiz, creator of the event, hopes his intervention will help strengthen the East-Side neighborhood:"So, put your good chanklas on-bring the suegra y los kids and plenty of water and some shade, and let the races begin!“ Rain or Shine at Dignowity Hill Park (corner of Nolan and Hackberry Streets, San Antonio.

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  1. tobrienwriter

    come on. We all do our best.
    But keep these scintillating bon mot coming. I especially like the retractions, and apologies for being an ass.

  2. Diemdee

    Thank you for your thoughts about Hirst at Goss.
    Writing is fucking hard, and you make it look easy.

    Terranova’s moving product. So superlative = most expensive is no stretch of the imagination for a vendor. Vendors ‘gush’ around hot product.

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