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Valentina Atkinson’s new Canal Street Gallery opens April 18, just a few blocks east of Minute Maid Park in downtown Houston. The inaugural show will include artwork from the eleven board members of the new space: Valentina Atkinson, Jerrie Gast, Katherine Houston, Maria Hughes, Susan Jackson, Raquel Kreipe, Frank Kreipe, David Lloyd, Gordon Phillipson, Duncan Simmons and Keiko Yasuoka. The reception is from 7p.m. to 9 p.m. at 2219 Canal Street in Houston

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  1. tobrienwriter

    my comment got et, twice.
    what I said was that I love LB, and was lucky to see her retrospective (a few times) a couple years back. These pieces look like loving, thorough replicas of early Bontecou, who was plenty S

  2. titus_obrien

    I saw Bontecou’s retrospective (a few times) a couple years back, and have long been a fan. Kelley’s sculptures go beyond owing debt, to pure imitation. LB was S

  3. titus_obrien

    it keeps cutting off any mention of sado/masochism. what I was saying was that LB’s work already has stitched rubber orifices standing out in volcanic reliefs, very scary/sexy. these look the same, only floppier, as if drained of life.

  4. hovie

    The ampersand is a special character in HTML and XML programming, the same way that all those “less than” and “greater than” signs are special characters for HTML/XML tags. When you type S-ampersand-M, this glasstire comment system doesn’t know how to handle it and it explodes inside (just a little).

  5. tar

    “pure imitation” is pure conjecture based on obrien’s view point or personal habits? unless he’s been crawling around in my head or observed the process by which the pieces were arrived at ,then he can only speak to the similarities or differences of the work and not to the act or intent.


  6. tar

    for CSAW members (who believe in the idea of a nonprofit artist run art space) of course, and it came so quickly on the heals of a great art crawl.

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