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Artadia Houston shortlist

The 2008 short-list of fifteen Artadia Awards Finalists in Houston are: Mequitta Ahuja, Dawolu Anderson, Sasha Dela, Katherine Heinlein, Lauren Kelley, El Franco Lee, Magsamen & Hillerbrand, Lynne McCabe, Delilah Montoya, Katrina Moorhead, Floyd Newsum, Jr., Phillip Perez, Stephanie Toppin, Yvonne Torres, and Gabriela Trzebinski. The jurors for the first round review were Franklin Sirmans (Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, The Menil Collection), Sue de Beer (artist, New York and Berlin), and Mark Bessire (Director, Bates College of Art).

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  1. tar

    Well if I’d like to maintain my 20-year marriage into its 21st year this December, it might be a bad thing to have a domestisized* home studio. Oh yes, he will be my art slave and my art pimp, but I don’t think he’d give up our kitchen, bedroom, living room, garage and the rest of the house so that it could be filled absolutely full with tire remnants, baling wire, industrial foam, resin, tar and other found objects. Oh if only I were a painter!

    Why yes, having a studio in an artist collective setting gives the illusion of validating oneself as an artist, but more importantly without it I would never have met artists that have influenced and helped me mature in my work through critical discussion. Artists such as Garland Fielder, Howard Sherman, Brian Portman, Masumi Kataoka, Barna Kantor, Young-Min Kang, John Adelman, Katalin Hausel and many others, not only have they been influential, but they have become friends. Could this have happened hidden away in my own domestisized* cave? I think not.

    Did I list enough artist names to help you with your popular blog?

    Soon I must take the risk to climb out of the collective and stand on my own 2 feet. The way things are shaping up that could be as soon as next week. So I take your intro as an encouragement that I can move on.

    Kathy Kelley

    *hope I am allowed to make up words.

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