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I just discovered VBS , while searching for information on the floating island of plastic the size of Texas in the Pacific . It’s a brilliant little project. Check it out.
They have an art page, at this point with only a two part feature on Terence Koh. I like his work. So why in these videos do I just end up wanting to put his pseudo-shamanic bunny hat in a wood chipper? deadhare.jpgMaybe it’s partly because he so shamelessly "does" this grotesquely infantilized Joesph Beuys. He pretends that a live rabbit is talking to him about his art (vs. explaining it quietly to a dead one), does some gibberish-y rituals, puts some found objects in turines, acts vaguely mystical and otherwordly – hmmm. Get that guy a horse, some cymbals, and a white fun-fur covered piano already…
it’s a genius marketing ploy, in any case. God, I’m so cynical. Wuv duh  bunny, Titus, wuv duh wittle bunny.
  photo of Koh’s "Chris as Deer (autumn night)" from www.artmetropole.com

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  1. drom

    I’m a little surprised an uptight, old man would be endorsing VBS – the internet TV offshoot of Vice Magazine – the New York hipster publication. Anyway, since you’re obviously new to the party, click on “All Episodes” below the video screen to see other NY scenesters like Aurel Schmidt, Jon Kessler, Dan Colen and Richard Prince (upstate!).

  2. tobrienwriter

    I guess I just was looking at the side bar, missing the other vids.
    I think Glasstire should go video. Come on, Rainey, everybody’s doing it.

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