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Cheese Puff, a one-channel video installation by Mary Magsamen & Stephan Hillerbrand


If you thought Cult of Color Call to Color was revolutionary and
experimental and totally worth the ticket price, then get ready to totally lose it at Fusebox
, a "confluence of innovative new theater, film, dance, visual art
music from around the world @ various galleries and performance venues
across Austin." Running from April 24 to May 2nd, Fusebox promises that
"our streets, our buildings and
sidewalks will become a canvas for pioneering new work. Our museums,
galleries and performance venues will host inventive performances and
installations. Austin itself will act as both a peninsula to the larger
global stage, and as a lens into contemporary life."


Neal Medlyn's Lionel Ritchie Opera


Their schedule is now online and it looks SO GOOD. Artistic
Director Ron Berry has certainly built up an
impressive beast with this festival that constantly challenges the
boundaries between disciplines. Why mix things when you can just
confuse them? It’s certainly a more interesting pursuit to confuse than
to engage in straight-forward addition.
Also, a festival like Fusebox creates opportunities for socializing
with other artists in different disciplines, for conversations about
shared experiences and the things you’ve seen that day. As I mentioned
in my previous post about the New York Underground Film Festival, these
sorts of opportunities are so scant and precious that it would be a
shame to miss them.


Here is a little list of the top 5 things that I’m really excited to see (in no particular order):

1. Neal Medlyn’s Lionel Ritchie Opera  

2. Etiquette

3. The Living Whale

4. La Guerre de la Travailleur

5. Twilight of the Little Boxes



It’s Like a Machine, and It’s Meant To Be Repeated, by Michael Mellon and Jacques Louis Vidal






(disclaimer: I am participating in a couple of events at Fusebox 08) 

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  1. David O

    Ellen Bartel, Mari Akita, and Caroline Sutton Clark do the Butoh Dance thing Friday the 25th at the AFG for realz. As transcendent as they wanna be, yo.

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