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Graduate Level Graffiti: Lost in Translation, is the third in a series of arts events designed by University of Texas alum Natasha Marin (aka Cornflakes, aka Crunkflakes) This evening, Sunday, April 13 at the Asian American Cultural Center in Austin. According to the flood of press releases, "the event will resemble an interactive art installation," and will "bring together a diverse group of people in an environment where everyone, regardless of socio-economic background or education, can communicate through the process of art-making." Artists on the lengthy bill include Natasha Marin, Shree Joglekar, Kelly O’Brien, Sean Gaulager, Robert Morgan, Adreon Henry, DJ Primeminister, Dariusz aka"VisuAlien", Shannon Stull, Victoria Cain, Kenji Siratori, Bohye Na, Lady Legacy, Sergio Rodriguez, Diana Sampayo, Alison Williams, CC Stinson, Heather Brondy, Bob Mudd, Dustfactory, Francesco Sambo, Joseph Rodriguez, Alysa Hayes, Khadijah Queen, Dionne Ross, Cecilia McMahon, Jui Mhatre and Anuja Ghimire. Don’t know exactly what will happen, but for sure it’s $20 at the door.

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