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The Ten List: Your Portfolio and You

Tip #9: Keep that Speedo on buddy. . . ...Image from www.internationaljock.com

Just in in time for FotoFest‘s Meeting Place, veteran portfolio reviewer, curator and collector Clint Willour has:

Some Advice on Portfolio Management

  1. Do your homework and know who I am and why I’m doing this.
  2. Don’t show me fifteen images in fifteen minutes and then tell me you have three more bodies of work when they announce that we have five minutes left in the review session.
  3. If you talk for the entire session, it doesn’t leave much time for my comments, does it? And listen to what I say. Just because I don’t respond to one picture doesn’t mean I hate your work.
  4. Don’t hand me a pair of white gloves and tell me how to handle your prints. There’s a reason they asked me to review portfolios.
  5. Always have some materials with at least one image to leave with me if I ask for it.
  6. Always ask if I would like to have the packet of materials that you are about to give me. Sometimes I won’t. And please don’t add me to your e-mail blast list without asking me.
  7. Don’t apologize for being disorganized. Get your shit together and you won’t have to.
  8. Don’t show me work that I’ve seen before. I have an image memory that would scare the pants off of you.
  9. And speaking of that, don’t show me a photo of your naked crotch and ask me what I think of it. (Believe me, this happens way more often than you would think.)
  10. At the end of our session, don’t ask me what I can do for you. I just did it.

And just so you’ll know, I’ve only made three people cry and torn up one photograph in the twenty-two years I’ve been doing this and I’ve made hundreds of life-long friends in the process.


Clint Willour, curator of the Galveston Arts Center, has been an art professional for 35 years. He is active on boards of numerous arts organizations in Texas and has served as a juror for over sixty competitions in his career. Willour curates 24 exhibitions per year in Galveston and serves regularly as a guest curator for institutions throughout the state of Texas and beyond. A Meeting Place reviewer at every FotoFest, Willour has reviewed portfolios from Houston, Texas to Beijing, China.

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4 Responses

  1. davidaylsworth

    These are great comments and I hope that everyone pays attention.
    Of course, though, I know that they don’t apply to ME or the fifteen separate bodies of work that I’ve made about MY naked crotch. This work is SO new, revolutionary, and like nothing you’ve ever seen before that you HAVE to be instructed with how to handle it!

    Sorry to be so disorganized…

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